We are proud to announce we are changing our name! The Rick and Sue Foundation want to show that the whole Diamond family is involved in and stands behind the Foundation so the new name is The Diamond Family Foundation! 

Heart of Hope Meal Token Program LAUNCHING 2015! 

Well the magical day has come for a very positive change in Surrey with the introduction of the Heart of Hope Meal Token Program! Hope-Bear-for-Web-150x150 NEWS

This is a similar program to the Save On Meats meal program in Vancouver. It works so well we are implementing it in Surrey which has the largest population of homeless people in the Lower Mainland.


Vancouver Burn Fund

The Vancouver Burn Fund has broken ground on the very important Burn Fund Centre that will allow families of burn victims to stay close to them during their time of recovery. Watch video: Burn Fund Centre

Diamond Dogs – Soon in Surrey

The Diamond Family Foundation is excited to announce a partnership with  Together We Can for a fundraising initiative to support Recovery in the Lower Mainland.  Introducing Diamond Dogs!  dd-hotdog-cart-150x150 NEWS With a simple hot-dog cart and the passion to help a growing community of addiction survivors we want to turn your hunger into dollars donated for the cause.

One hundred percent of ALL PROCEEDS benefit several charitable causes.  Currently Together We Can will donate its full part of the proceeds to the Alano Club of Vancouver.  Other causes include the myriad of efforts the Diamond Family Foundation supports including one of our newest projects called The Heart of Hope Meal Token Program.

The hot dog cart is donated by the Diamond Family Foundation and is staffed by client-volunteers from Together We Can.   Expect to see our DIAMOND DOGS all over Surrey.  What happens when a homeless person asks us for some food?  Well, we give them some.  We are REAL and we are here to help make our beautiful city a better place with your help.  Hot dogs and smokies are reasonably priced and fantastically tasty.

We are so proud to be involved in this project – the little cart that could!

Make A Wish Fundraiser

The Make A Wish Foundation Fundraiser was an amazing success with donation packages from the Seattle Seahawks to the Dalai Lama! So many wonderful people stepped up to help raise funds for the brave, sick children and their families – thank you so much!

Our day started with call early in the morning from a good friend who’s child was granted a wish that changed his life and touched us so deeply it reinforced why making a wish is so important. Gods hand was there lifting us up and propelling us forward.Make-a-Wish-check-150x150 NEWS

It seemed a bit daunting to get everything done on time until I stepped outside and the day got even more magical – I ran into the man who changed my life back in 1991. Once again I was reminded how luck I was to be here.  There was so much love and everyone was on fire to make this an amazing event. A long time associate showed up and gave me the push I needed to complete my part in this event – Nothing was going to stop us from making wishes come true!

People from a recovery house were involved in setting things up in the pouring rain – no complaints, just focused on helping out the sick children. Thank you guys, you were fabulous!

We were able to raise $12,000 on this very rainy day – So many people with big hearts showed up to the event and opened their wallets with the desire to help. Imagine with love and heart how our event could make a wish come for a sick child  – it brings tears to my eyes. We were so very excited to present the check to Make A Wish!

Blessing to all of the people who came together in such a short period of time to make this happen.

The Diamond Family Foundation